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The "Aeroclub di Firenze" was founded in 1927 by a group of pilots who were veterans of World War I. In 1932, the airport having been built, the Aeroclub moved its pilots' school to Peretola and in 1935 moved its aircraft model construction school there as well. The activity of the Aeroclub soon included glider flight as well as flying engine-powered planes. After the war, in November 1944, the "Gruppo Aeromodellisti Fiorentini" was established, and in 1945 the "Gruppo dei Soci Aviatori". The activity of the school, instead, was resumed in full with the return of the instructor Vasco Magrini. Today in Florence, the association of "flight fans" engages not only in engine-powered flight, glider flight and aircraft model construction, but also in hang-gliding and parachute jumping. At present, the Club's fleet consists of two TB9 Tampico, two Cessna 172 and a Moony.


The Air Club offers training for the private pilot's license. Candidates for enrollment in the flying school must be at least 16 years old and have passed a "first class medical examination" in one of the three Legal Medicine Institutes of the Military Aeronautics existing in Italy.


The course offers technical instruction and flight practice (the exam can be taken after having flown for at least 45 hours). The average duration of the course is one solar year and the cost is about 9.000 euros. The private pilot's license (which can be obtained only after having reached the age of 16) can be completed and enriched with other qualifications