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Delta Aerotaxi has been operating an air rental and air taxi service at the Peretola airport since 1978. Its fleet consists of twin-engine jets of the latest generation Executive type, which can reach any destination in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East in very brief time. Flights are particularly pleasant thanks to the excellent quality and comfort of the onboard furnishings, the personalized menus available and the stand-up size of the cargo compartment. To those who are instead enjoying a stay in Florence, Delta Aerotaxi offers panoramic flights over the city and the magnificent hills of the Chianti region.


Delta Aerotaxi also operates a Flight School (Flight Training Organization - F.T.O.), offering technical/practical courses leading to any type of pilot's license. Those who are interested in flying only as a hobby can get a "private pilot's" license, while those who intend to become professional pilots can participate in the "commercial pilot" course which qualifies them for instrumental flight. The F.T.O. also offers the opportunity for further professional specialization in piloting jet aircraft, on which muticrew teams operate


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