General Aviation

Managed on behalf of Toscana Aeroporti by Delta Aerotaxi:

Phone: 055.300450
Fax: 055.301092
(7:00 am/11:30 pm local time - other times upon request)

Radiofrequency: VHF 131.425
Parking areas available on West parking lot: 3 for aircraft type Gulf Stream, 5 Challenger, Falcon, Lear Jet.
Local flight restrictions: (Traffic not concerned: scheduled flights; humanitarian or State flights and aircraft based in Florence). Given the configuration of the parking areas, landing is allowed only for the operations of embarking and disembarking passengers. Arrivals and departures of Charter flights must be communicated in advance to Assoclearance (SITA: ROMSPXH) with copy sent to Toscana Aeroporti (SITA: FLRKOXH:FLRKMXH:FLRSPXH).