Custom sections: operations of quick custom clearance

The airport has been equipped of one own custom section that permits quick operations of custom clearance. Thank to presence in the airport of the Agency of the Customs (Customs of Florence - Airport Section) goods are immediately available for the withdrawal.

Goods: the services of the customs section

Formalities about the introduction of goods in the magazine of temporary custody and in the customs depot managed from AdF Spa let alone all the formalities necessaries for their transfer to other Customs or for their sending back to the to foreign countries.


agdoganeFormalities for the bond of the goods in the customs regime chosen by the singles receivers of the foreign goods

Customs formalities relative at the national goods destined to the exportations, still less for the riexportations or for sending back to the foreign countries 


 Clearance of foreign goods and expedition of national goods to spoken declaration in the limits expected from the actual national and pubblic normative. 


Operations with Carnet ATA


Custom Agency telphone number +39.055.3061681