Watch where you are parking!

Leave your car at the airport car parks, P1 and P2, just in front of the terminal.
The first 15 minutes are free for both P1 and P2.

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Parking Price Calculator


P1: Availability


P2: Availability

calendarioP1 - Short term parking area

Up to 15mins: Free
1 - 9 hours: Euro 3,00/hour
1st day and subsequent ones: Euro 30.00/day


calendarioP2 - Long stay car park

Up to 15 mins: Free
4 - 12 hours: Euro 12,00
12 - 24 hours: Euro 24,00
Up to 2 days: Euro 40,00
Up to 3 days: Euro 45,00
From the 4th day: Euro 12,00/day