General timetable


 Please find below the destinations that are already served or will be served soon from/to Florence Airport. However, we kindly invite passengers to consult the airlines website (contact the airlines directly) for the flight timetables.


Destination Airline Website
Amsterdam  KLM
Vueling Airlines
Barcelona Vueling Airlines
Bari Air Dolomiti
Brussels Brussels Airlines
Bucharest Otopeni Blueair
Cagliari Air Dolomiti
Catania  Air Dolomiti
Vueling Airlines
Elba Island (Marina di Campo) Silverair
Frankfurt Lufthansa
London City British Airways
London Gatwick Vueling Airlines
Luxembourg LuxAir
Madrid Vueling Airlines
Munich Vueling Airlines
Air Dolomiti
Palermo  Air Dolomiti
Vueling Airlines
Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France
Paris Orly Vueling Airlines
Roma Fiumicino Alitalia
Tirana Albawings
Vienna Vueling Airlines
Austrian Airlines
Zurich Swiss