Special Assistance

How to request special assistance

All requests for assistance and special requirements for disabled passengers or those with reduced mobility must be forwarded to the airline company, or its agent, or the tour operator where the booking was made, as they are obliged to inform the operators of the departure, arrival and transit airports. Requests should preferably be made at the time of booking or purchasing tickets, and never any later than 48 hours before departure time in order to ensure efficient organisation of the service.

At the airport

Disabled passengers or those with reduced mobility must to arrive at the airport at the time indicated by the airline company, and announce their arrival from one of the contact points (also in the event of web check-in).

The contact points are special areas where passengers with reduced mobility can go to communicate their arrival and request assistance.

These are the contact points located in the Florence airport:

    • Customer Service office The columns located in front of the Departure and/or Arrival terminals, and also in the taxi stand
    • Customer Service office
    • Check-in desks
    • Lost&Found Office
    • Parking station
    • Help phones (boarding area). 


The following services are available at the airport for passengers with reduced mobility:

    • 6 reserved parking spaces close to the entrance/exit doors, as well as 2 near the taxi stand; 
    • 13 reserved parking spaces in the long-term car park;
    • Wheelchairs available inside the terminals;
    • "ambulift” for passengers in wheelchairs, with an elevator platform to facilitate boarding of the aircraft.

Wheelchair transport methods

In order to ensure the most efficient transporting of wheelchairs, passengers with reduced mobility travelling with a wheelchair are required to communicate the type, weight, and size of the wheelchair at least 48 hours before departure. These details must also be communicated to the relative airline company at the time of making the booking.

Moreover, in case of battery-powered wheelchairs, during check-in the passenger will be required to have the power supply cables disconnected and the device secured to ensure its loading into the hold of the aircraft in complete safety.

For further information please send an email to:, or call 055/ 3061709


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