There are 40 check-in desks on the first floor of the passenger terminal at the airport. The check-in hall can be accessed via two elevators, an escalator and a stairway located on the ground floor in the departure hall of the new terminal.


The opening hours of the check-in desks vary depending on the airline and are usually indicated on your ticket. The check-in desks normally open between two to two and a half hours prior to the scheduled departure time. However, if you do not already have a boarding pass, we suggest getting to the check-in desk two hours prior to the departure time of your flight in order to complete all necessary departure operations. In normal conditions it is not necessary to go to the check-in desk more than three hoursbefore your flight.

Self check-in

Some airline companies provide self check-in devices where you can print your own boarding pass. If have baggage to check in it will still be necessary to go to the check-in desk of the airline you are flying with.

Online check-in

With most airlines it is possible to complete the check-in on their websites. We recommend you consult the website of the company you are flying with to obtain further information.

Self Bag Drop

Some airline companies allow passengers to check their luggage autonomously and drop it through dedicated desks.