Hand baggage

Hand baggage is understood as the baggage the passenger can carry on board the aircraft. Each airline company establishesspecificterms and conditions for hand baggage, and therefore it is necessary to check with the airlinefor the specifications of the baggage you can take on board.
As an indication: the size of the baggage must not exceed 115 cm,as the sum of the height, width and depth and the weight must not exceed 8 kg.


Liquids allowed in hand baggage

Liquids purchased at duty free 

These must be sealed in safety bags. The liquid and the proof of purchase must remain sealed insidethe safety bag provided at the time of purchase. Do not open the safety bag until you reach your final destination.

Liquids in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml

These must be contained inside a re-sealable transparent plastic bag. The bag must not have a capacity of more than one litre.

Medicinal and special dietary products (e.g. baby food)

If in quantities exceeding 100 ml, besides the X-ray check they will also be subjected to an additional screening in a specific device. The aforementioned products must in any case be proportional to the duration of the journey and on request, proof must be provided of the effective need to carry such items on board.A

ll liquids must be presented separately from your hand baggage during the security checks.

All the other liquids must be stored inside your baggage in the hold.

For more information please consult the ENAC website at this link.

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