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Date and/or hour of exit must be subsequent to date and/or hour of entrance

P1 Short Stay

front terminal





P2 Long Stay

50 mt to terminal




The parking lots of the Florence Airport are open 7x24 and include two areas: a for short-term parking area (P1) and an external area for long-term parking (P2).

At the entrance of these parking areas, users can collect a ticket, which must be kept till the end of the parking period because it will be used to pay for the service at the available automatic machines or at the manned cash desk (open 7x24) before collecting the car.

As an alternative, users can access parking lots by using the Telepass system, thus avoiding waiting times for payment.




If you stop at the airport for only a few hours, leave your car in the short-term parking area just in front of the Departures building, only a few metres away from the check-in desks and the Air Ticket Office.

Up to 10mins: Free | Up to 30mins: Euro 3,00 | Up to 1 hour: Euro 4,00 | 2 - 7 hours: Euro 3,00/hour | 1st day and subsequent ones: Euro 30.00/day


If you have to leave your car at the airport for more time or for a few days, use the long-term parking lot “P2”, located just in front of the airport building, a few steps from the Departures Hall.

Up to 15 mins: Free | Up to 4 hours: Euro 4,00/hour | 4 - 24 hours: Euro 28,00 | Up to 2 days: Euro 56,00 | From the 3rd day: Euro 14,00/day


* Payments made for parking via credit card or other electronic payment methods are handled directly by Paypal, which processes customer data autonomously.
No credit card details or login details relating to online payment sites are processed or kept by Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A.


Due to a technical problem related to the online booking, you will not receive the booking confirmation. To minimize the inconvenience, please complete the booking form and take a screenshot of the payment.

Afterward you are kindly requested to email to the above mentioned screenshot along with the below following details:

  • Subject: P2 FLR parking reservation
  • Name
  • Date and time of entry
  • Date and time of Exit

How to access to the car park:

  • 1. access to the P2 car park via the right-hand lane and collect the ticket from the parking column.

How to leave the car park:

  • 1. if you leave the car park by 19:00 it will be sufficient to go to the cash parking with operator.
  • 2. if you leave the car park after 19:00 it will be sufficient to go to the exit column and ring the SOS button to receive support from the operator.

Please do not make a second payment to exit the car park.

For any further clarification, please contact 055 3061 230.

We apologize for the inconvenience.