Travelling with pets

Pets taken into the airport must be on a leash and fitted with a musselin the case of dogs, otherwise they must be caged inside appropriate containers (ENAC ruling no. 3/99).


It is compulsory for the subjects in charge of carrying pets to possess everything necessary for prompt cleaning and removal of any animal droppings.


Transporting pets

Please note that every airline company has different rules for transporting pets. You are advised to consult the official website of the airline company you are travelling with to obtain all information.


Passengers are only permitted to transport pets in the cabin or in the hold in compliance with the regulations and restrictions of the airline company and the airport of arrival.


There is a limit to the number of pets that each aircraft can transport and the person who checks you in will verifythat you have all necessary travel documents, confirm your booking on all legs of your journey as far as final destination, and check that you have paid for the service.


Restrictions do not apply for guide dogsfor the visually impaired or deaf, or emotional dogs for therapeutic purposes.


Remember to bring your pet's health record with you and check the vaccinations and certificates required by the country of destination.