General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Service

General Service Terms and Conditions of Use

1.    Acceptance of Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)
The online parking space booking service is provided by TA – Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A., with registered office in via del Termine 11, 50127 Firenze, in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions. To use the service, users must accept these T&Cs. Making a booking constitutes the full acknowledgement and acceptance of the T&Cs. TA reserves the right to modify these T&Cs at any time and without prior notice. Users may consult the current T&Cs - as described on this page and periodically updated by TA - at any time.

2.    Description of service
2.1   TA currently provides the following services to users:
•    The option to book a parking space online for the P2 car park, managed by TA, at Amerigo Vespucci Airport.
Payment for this service is made according to the charges published by TA. Within the car parks, spaces may not be numbered - therefore the user will not be assigned a specific space, but availability of a space will be guaranteed to them for each successful booking. There may be limited spaces available for booking, which only constitute a portion of the total spaces in car parks managed by TA. The minimum parking time available for booking is 24 hours. Bookings for periods of less than 24 hours are not permitted or accepted. Users must complete their booking at least 6 hours before the parking start time. The parking space will be reserved for a maximum of 24 hours following the start time as indicated by the user on the booking form. After this time, TA reserves the right to cancel the booking.
2.2  Users may book up to a maximum of three months in advance of the start date of parking.
2.3  Users acknowledge and accept that the service offered does not include surveillance or safekeeping of the parked vehicle. Prior to accepting these T&Cs, the user declares to have understood that surveillance or safekeeping of the vehicle does not form part of the service, and that TA does not accept any responsibility for damages to or theft of/from the parked vehicle.
2.4  TA will provide booking confirmation to users via email, which includes a PIN number that users need to enter on a keypad provided at one (or more) or the car park entrances. A ticket will then be issued automatically. This ticket should be kept safe by the user to allow them to exit the car park by inserting it at the exit barrier. If the PIN number is not recognised, users should contact car park staff at one of the manned payment points.
2.5  The user acknowledges and accepts that if the parking area booked by the user is not available on that day, TA may move them to another area of the same or superior category to that originally booked.
2.6  The service purchased by the user is not transferable either to another user or to another car park. It is only valid for the date, time, price, area and specific airport as described on the order summary page before the user confirms their order (and on the confirmation email).
2.7  Parking charges are displayed in euros (€) and are available on TA official websites Charges are subject to change. Charges displayed are only valid at the time of purchase. The number of “days” (24-hour periods) paid for by the user will be calculated based on the times selected at the time of purchase. If the exit time from the car park differs from that selected by the user at the time of purchase by more than 60 (sixty) minutes, the user will be charged the regular (non-pre-booked) rate for the excess time. This must be paid by the user at the appropriate payment point before exiting the car park. It should be acknowledged that this condition will be applied regardless of the reason for the overstay, as long as this has not been caused by negligence on the part of TA parking management.
2.8  Once the user has entered the car park, they must follow the instructions received in the confirmation email. The user must read the parking regulations carefully before placing their online order. These are published on the website and are also displayed near car park entrances. The user declares to accept both these T&Cs and the parking regulations.
2.9  The user acknowledges that they should arrive at the car park with plenty of time before their flight check-in. They should also allow enough time to get to the passenger terminal from the car park, and that this may vary depending on the car park chosen. The user should consider the time necessary to find and reach the car park, take out luggage, reach the passenger terminal and allow for any other unexpected events. The user accepts full responsibility for calculating the time necessary to enter the car park and reach the passenger terminal. The user acknowledges that TA declines any responsibility for any increase in the time necessary to carry out the above due to unusual circumstances or higher volumes of traffic. It is the user’s responsibility to take this into account and arrive at the car park with plenty of time before their flight check-in.
2.10 Telepass users should take care to remove/mask the relevant equipment, or use the non-Telepass enabled entrances, in order to avoid being charged the full rate (as indicated at the entrance to the car park). In the event of a user being charged via Telepass, TA will not issue a refund.

3.    Completing the contract
3.1    The key features of the service and the related prices will be indicated in the order summary and the confirmation email.
3.2    Before proceeding with the order, the user must read these T&Cs carefully.
3.3    In order to proceed with the order, the user must select the services required and enter their personal details. The user commits to providing these details as requested during booking, making sure that they are complete, up-to-date and correct. If the user provides false, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete information, or if TA (based on an evaluation at their discretion) maintains that this information is false, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete, TA reserves the right to not accept the booking request. In this case the user may not request compensation or a refund of expenses.
3.4    When the user sends their order, this constitutes a contract proposal to TA for the purchase of services as described in the order summary and is binding for the user (without prejudice to exercising the right to withdrawal).
3.5    The contract between the user and TA is completed from the moment the user receives the booking confirmation email.
3.6    Any modification to the personal data entered by the user can be made before completing the order.
3.7    TA reserves the right to not accept an order in the following cases:
•    Lack of availability of parking spaces in the car park selected by the user
•    Unsuccessful payment
•    The user is in default of any obligations to TA
3.8    TA will provide the following information to the user via the booking confirmation email:
•    Summary of main details of the services purchased
•    Total price of services purchased with amount of value added tax (VAT)
•    A PIN number to access the car park
3.9    If a user purchases more than one service in a single transaction, they will receive all the relevant information in point 3.8 in a single booking confirmation email.

4.    Payment method
4.1    The amount due for each service purchased will be indicated in the order summary in Euros (€), with the amount of value added tax (VAT) indicated.
4.2    There may be one or more categories of charges available to the user when placing an order to purchase services from official TA websites. Selecting a service and price constitutes acceptance by the user of the price regulations.
4.3    The user may modify their order by changing the date and time of entrance/exit up to 6 hours before the planned start time of the parking. This may be carried out via the website. The user acknowledges and accepts that modifying their booking has a cost of €5. The user also acknowledges and accepts that:
•    If through modifying a booking the cost of the service is reduced (i.e. there is a difference in price between the previous service and the new service), apart from the €5 fee to modify the booking, TA will reimburse the user for the remaining amount.
•    If through modifying a booking the cost of the service increases (i.e. there is a difference in price between the previous service and the new service), the user must pay the difference to TA, including the €5 fee to modify the booking.
4.4    To pay the amount due, the user can choose one of the payment methods accepted by TA as indicated on their official websites.
4.5    TA does not have the ability, at any moment during the online transaction, to recognise credit card data as entered by the user. TA does not have a digital archive of this data. TA cannot be held responsible for any potential fraudulent use of credit cards by third parties carried out during the transaction to purchase services from the website.

5.    Right to withdrawal
5.1    The user has the right to withdrawal from the contract, without providing a reason and without incurring any expenses, for up to 15 days before the parking start date of the booking. If notice of this withdrawal is given less than 15 days from the start time of the booking, a fee of €5 will be charged. The user may withdrawal their order up to 6 hours before the planned start time of the parking.  If the right to withdrawal is exercised, the user must complete the form on the following web page of the official website:
5.2    The right to withdrawal described in point 5.1 does not apply if:
•    The service has been provided and completed
•    The request to exercise the right to withdrawal is sent after the planned start time of the service or if notice of this withdrawal is given less than 6 hours from the start time of the booking.
5.3    Refunds under the right to withdrawal will be issued using the same payment method used in the original transaction
5.4    If a user purchases a package of services, they may only exercise their right to withdrawal relating to the whole package and not to single services incorporated within this package.

6.    Refunds
6.1    TA will not provide refunds for periods of unused parking (i.e. if the actual length of stay is inferior to the length of stay booked).In exceptional circumstances (“force majeure”), including (but not limited to) war, mobilization, acts of terrorism (including terrorism threats), fires, strikes, the closure of the airport and/or natural disasters, TA will not provide refunds.
6.2    If the parking management system is proven to be malfunctioning, the user may go to the manned payment points for a free-of-charge ticket to exit the car park.
6.3    In the event that the user is required to pay twice for the same service, TA will proceed with issuing a refund, withholding a €5.00 administration fee.

7.    Information about Data Protection
Personal data, including any other information relating to a single user in a direct or indirect way, will be collected and used in accordance with Legislative Decree no.196 of 30.06.2003 (the Italian Data Protection Act) including any subsequent modifications.

8.    User obligations
8.1    When using the search and order process functions, the user will make use of a web application with a non-exclusive and temporary licence arrangement, valid for the length of the operation. The user is prohibited from modifying, re-using, copying, sharing, reproducing, publishing, granting a sub-licence, creating derivative works, transferring, selling (or using for commercial purposes) the information, news, contents, software or systems or products obtained via the website.
8.2    Any claims for damages or compensation to the user are excluded – including any contractual or non-contractual responsibility of TA – for direct or indirect damages to people or objects which derive from the (whole or partial) non-acceptance of an order.

9.    TA Disclaimer
9.1    TA reserves the right, at any time, to modify or deactivate (either temporarily or permanently) the online booking service (or part thereof), with or without communicating this to users. The user acknowledges and agrees that TA cannot be held responsible in relation to them or third parties for any modification, suspension or deactivation of the online booking service.
9.2    The user acknowledges that TA does not guarantee that the online booking service will be provided without any interruption, in a timely and secure fashion, without any errors.

10.    General regulations
10.1    It is necessary to accept these T&Cs to place an order. The T&Cs may be subject to change, with the latest version available on the website. TA reserve the right to change these T&Cs at any time, without notice, without prejudice to the user order being subject to the T&Cs in force at the time of purchase.
10.2    In purchasing the service, the user declares to be over 18 years old.
10.3    For any requests or complaints relating to the online purchase of services, the user may contact TA at
10.4    If any one or more clause(s) of these T&Cs proves to be invalid, even partially, this does not invalidate the remaining T&Cs.

11.    Applicable law and relevant law court
These general terms and conditions of use, and the relationship between TA and the user, are regulated by Italian law. Any disputes arising from or connected to these T&Cs or from use of the services should be referred to the relevant law court in Firenze.