MITRE Researchers in Florence to study acoustic impact of new Vespucci runway

Florence, Wednesday 20 August 2014 – Following conclusion of the first stage of the survey carried out by a team of American MITRE researchers on the acoustic impact and on the overflight routes of Florence airport’s new runway, the team concentrated its activities on the Plain’s sensitive points which might be involved in overflights in the new runway configuration.  With the aid of a helicopter, various flights were made over the area with simulation of take-off/approach procedures.  The researchers assisted at landing and take-off operations controlled by Enav of Florence and collected data on meteorological and acoustic measurements  and air procedures developed by AdF, following consultation with Enav and professionally independent and qualified companies.     



AdF’s objective is to collect suggestions for improving various aspects of the new infrastructure development project (runway, aprons and terminal) and obtain validation by an independent body that is internationally recognized as a reference leader in the sector, of numerous studies on the environmental impact of the new runway. The MITRE report, which will present an initial proposal by the Autumn, will provide a further means of analysis for realizing the Environmental Impact Assessment necessary for final approval of the project at the Services Conference, and, in particular, confirmation of full compliance with regulations governing environmental protection of the territory and its inhabitants.  MITRE Laboratories are one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States, with over 7,000 engineers and researchers. The MITRE division specializing in the aeronautic sector, the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD), has collaborated for over 50 years with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) studying and developing aeronautical systems. In addition to extended collaboration with the American authorities, through the FFA, MITRE supports numerous civil aviation authorities throughout the world, in addition to airport operators and various organizations in the sector of air traffic management (ATM), aeronautical operations and airspace design and systems automation and integration.


For further information on MITRE, visit the CAASD link.