Swab. antigen and serological test online reservation

At Florence airport, the Misericordia offers passengers on departure and arrival the opportunity to carry out voluntary swab, serological and antigen tests. Tests are carried out in the structure located in front of the airport entrance according to the following schedule: 

  • Monday 8.00-13.00
  • Friday 8.00-13.00


In order to improve the passenger experience and to ensure the access to the service, an online booking platform, realized and managed by the Misericordia, is open and accessible by clicking here.


Tests are provided at the following costs:

  • serological test: € 15,00;
  • antigen test: € 20,00 (€ 35,00 for those who don't have an airline ticket or a boarding pass);
  • swab test: € 75,00.


Reservation portal and service are entirely managed by the Misericordia. Toscana Aeroporti declines all responsibility for eventual outages or malfunction caused to passengers in the use of the service.